Common Questions Concerning Sewer Line Cleaning

Posted on: 4 March 2018

Sewer maintenance and care can be an integral part of keeping your home's plumbing working. In particular, the primary sewer line for the home may need to be periodically cleaned if you are to keep water flowing through it. However, those that are unfamiliar and inexperienced with overseeing this type of work may underestimate the importance of this task, but taking the time to learn more about this maintenance can prove to be indispensable.

What Causes A Sewer Line To Need To Be Cleaned?

There are many materials that will pass through your sewer line, and many of these substances leave behind a sticky residue or film that can accumulate over the years. These substances may eventually cause the sewer line to become completely clogged, which can lead to serious problems inside your home. For example, the drains may start to backup or the home may start to fill with a foul odor. When you notice that these issues are starting to develop with your home's sewer connection, you will need to quickly schedule for the sewer line to be thoroughly cleaned. Failure to promptly schedule this work will allow the residue in the sewer line to continue to accumulate, which can lead to this problem getting far worse. In addition to these issues, it can also be possible for large objects or other hard pieces of debris to get lodged in the sewer line. Even if these items do not fully clog the flow of water through the line, they can catch other pieces of debris, which can lead to blockages.

Is It Disruptive To Have Your Sewer Line Cleaned?

You might be worried about scheduling to have your sewer line cleaned due to fears that this work will be extremely lengthy and disruptive. For example, there are many individuals that will simply assume that they will have to have large areas of their yard excavated so that the sewer line can be accessed. While it may seem like this would make sense, the process of cleaning a sewer line will not require it to be excavated. This is possible through inserting a special device into the plumbing that can reach the sewer line and spray a powerful jet of water in it. This jet of water will be strong enough to loosen or completely remove any residue and other debris that may be stuck on the interior of the pipe. In most instances, this work can be done within a few hours, which can limit the disruption so that you can enjoy a fully functional plumbing system.

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