The Best Propane-Powered Home Appliances

Posted on: 20 August 2018

Propane is one of the most versatile types of fuel you can use to keep yourself warm, cook and perform various other activities. Propane tends to be less expensive than electricity and provides a source of heat when you experience a power outage or when you do not have access to an outlet. There are several appliances you can use that rely on propane

Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters

A propane patio heater can keep you warm during chilly mornings. The best heaters come with controls that are adjustable so that you can heat the surrounding area to the appropriate temperature. You will want a propane heater that comes with safety measures, such as a shutoff switch for if the heater is knocked over accidentally. 

Propane Clothes Dryers

Most homes will use electric dryers, but propane dryers might be a superior choice. A propane dryer heats clothes to the right temperature more quickly and is able to dry clothes faster than an electric dryer. Also, these dryers are less likely to burn and discolor fabrics. 

Propane Swimming Pool Heaters

There's no reason for a swimming pool to be too cold. The propane heater will get your swimming pool to the right temperature much faster than an electric swimming pool heater. There are less expensive water heaters for spas and hot tubs. There are more expensive water heaters that can warm up a full-size swimming pool. 

Propane Fireplaces

Rather than burning logs in a traditional fireplace, you're better off using a propane-powered fireplace. It will provide you with the same heat and dancing flames, but you will not need dampers, which causes heat from the fireplace to escape. You can use direct vents to allow the heat to travel to your room so that you can enjoy the fireplace even when you're not in the living room. Also, you do not have to deal with ashes or wood debris.

Propane Water Heaters

One of the best propane appliances is a water heater. Like with other appliances, an electric water heater uses more energy than propane. A propane heater can raise the temperature of water much more quickly so you can easily implement a tankless water heater. A propane water heater does not require as much storage space. Heating elements for electric water heaters do not last as long as a propane water heater. Because of all these benefits, you should consider propane when purchasing your next appliance.